Building the Future

Our agenda covers the topics that matter, now and in the future.

Building Leaders Building Leaders

How the industry’s leaders are evolving their businesses to adapt to the new future.

Building the Experience Building the Experience

Creating great customer experiences, and advancing the practice of CX Management

Building the Solutions Building the Solutions

Solving the big problems, answering the big questions, taking on the big challenges.

Building the Case Building the Case

The good, the bad and the ugly from the field. Innovators taking on the status quo.

Building the Ecosystem Building the Ecosystem

The Innotribe Startup Challenge bridges the gap between the financial services industry and today’s brightest startups and innovators.

Building the Technology Building the Technology

Making the new fintech solutions, ideas and startups that challenge the industry.

Why you need to attend

The 5 reasons why you should attend Next Bank Asia 2014

  • We have a great mix of people

    You’ll meet a diverse mix of people from many disciplines, not just banking – you’ll meet ux and cx designers, innovation consultants, technology experts, big data geeks, mobile and channel strategy experts and more.

  • We have an amazing, inspiring space

    Most conferences are held in boring hotel ballrooms or function rooms, deep in the bowel of some beige, bland nightmare. We pride ourselves on using the most interesting spaces, with access to the best views and amenities for our guests.

  • We have the sharpest content

    We ask our speakers to always give us their craziest thinking, their most wild ideas, their most successful innovations. We demand they tell stories, and that they never resort to a boring sales pitch – if they do, we’ll pull them off the stage. Blatant sales pitches are boring.

  • We have the best speakers on the planet

    We approach the best – not always the most famous – thinkers in the world, creating the most amazing experiences and ideas for banks and other organisations across the world to speak at our events. Creatives, techies, bankers and more.

  • We’re obsessed about the little things.

    At most conferences, the wifi is slow or non-existent, the food is stodgy and puts you to sleep, and the coffee comes in a giant darlek. At Next Bank, we want to solve this – great food that makes you think, quality coffee to get you going, booming wifi to keep you connected.




Choose from one of 3 tracks to create the Next Bank Asia event you like. After a full day of inspiring and varied talks, panels and discussions, you can choose to get deeper into the technology track in our “Building The Tech” track; you can see the best branch designs in Singapore with our guided Singapore Bank Branch Bus Tour; or you can learn the skills to start creating the best customer experiences at your institution.



We thank those organisations that continue to support the Next Bank movement